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Focus Africa

  • Country Risk Management

    Country Risk Assessment

    Country Risk Assessment ; Market Entry; DueDiligence; Research & Investigations; Cultural Nuances and Understanding Health & Environmental Management[...]

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  • Compliance

    Anti-Bribery / Corruption

    Sanctions(US,EU,UK, ASIA); Anti-Money Laundering(AML); Anti-Bribery / Corruption(FCPA,BRA,OEDC); Litigation Support; Know your Client[...]

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  • Specialised Security Service

    Kidnap and Ransom

    Corporate Security Planning; Crisis Management; Emergency Evacuation; Executive Protection; Kidnap and Ransom[...]

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  • Information Security

    Information Security

    Holistic Information Risk Manag.; Penetration Testing; Manned Information Security; Remote Computer Network Defence; Basic and Advanced Info. Security Training; Traditional Cyber Security; Capability Develop.[...]

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About Focus Africa

Focus Africa specialises in the provision of intelligence-led risk management services to multinational companies, financial institutions and private clients operating in Africa.

Our objective is to offer clients seamless solutions for asset protection in high-risk political and security environments. Risk is compounded by that which you do not understand - asking the right questions will minimize your risk and lead to the optimum solution.

Our vision is to offer clients a discreet network of senior political and security risk analysts with first-hand knowledge of each country, its political and business elite, its macro-economic structure as well as the political and security risks involved. In the African corporate environment, good governance, transparency and social responsibility is essential to the success of foreign direct investment.