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  • Country Risk Management

    Country Risk Assessment

    Country Risk Assessment ; Market Entry; DueDiligence; Research & Investigations; Cultural Nuances and Understanding Health & Environmental Management[...]

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  • Compliance

    Anti-Bribery / Corruption

    Sanctions(US,EU,UK, ASIA); Anti-Money Laundering(AML); Anti-Bribery / Corruption(FCPA,BRA,OEDC); Litigation Support; Know your Client[...]

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  • Specialised Security Service

    Kidnap and Ransom

    Corporate Security Planning; Crisis Management; Emergency Evacuation; Executive Protection; Kidnap and Ransom[...]

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  • Information Security

    Information Security

    Holistic Information Risk Manag.; Penetration Testing; Manned Information Security; Remote Computer Network Defence; Basic and Advanced Info. Security Training; Traditional Cyber Security; Capability Develop.[...]

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